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  • Bladedge Asia Media Co., Ltd.
  • Address : Room 318-319, Building 6, Xuhui Century Plaza, No.28 Dan Ba Road, Shanghai, China 200050
  • dillonxiang@bladedge.com
  • Tel : +86 21 52061827
  • Contact: Dillon Xiang (Producer)
  • Mobile : +86 13918274114

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Based in China, BladEdge offers film, video and photo production support services and crew for international production companies shooting in China and other countries in entire Aisa.

We provide local support to the productions of all kinds of projects including the feature films, factual programs, documentaries, TV programs, TV commercials, corporate videos, image films, music videos and photo shoots. 

We provide a full range of production services including the below:

Film Equipment Rental

BladEdge can provide anything you require:


-Libra heads       

-Tracking vehicles

-Photography equipment        

-Lighting equipment           

-Techno crane     

-Drones services

-Live streaming

-360 VR photo and video

Multi-lingual crew

-Line Producer


-Production assistants

-Interpreters with industry experience


-Art directors


-Cameramen, Camera crew



Shooting permit

There are many countries in Asia that will require a filming permit. We will handle all the local permit appliations for you no matter where your shoot is going to happen.

Customs clearance – We can also help with the customs clearance of your filming equipment.


Location scouting

From the vast Mongolian steppe, the deserts of Xinjiang and the towering Himalayas to the industrial hinterland and the glittering urban jungles of the eastern seaboard, Asia offers an unparalleled range of unique locations. We can find a location for your project that will exceed expectations.


Casting service

Whatever your needs - kids, kung-fu masters or Caucasians – the BladEdge production support team can find people of every background to fill them.


All kind of production serivces

We provide all kinds of production services including the below:

-Video production

-Line production

-Film production

-Filming production

-TV production

-Documentary production

-Media production

-Photo production

Research services for TV programs, documentaries and factual programs; Transport and accommodation to suit your needs and budget; specialized production vans for crew, equipment and luggage; dedicated and flexible drivers. Our service cover the pre-production and the post production as well.

Our service regions

We have been providing filming and photography support services for the below cities and regions:


-China                                -Japan                            -North Korea                           -South Korea

Hong Kong                          Tokyo                              Pyongyang                               Seoul

Macau                                Osaka

Shenzhen                            Kyoto

Guanghzou                          Hiroshima

Shanghai                             Yokohama




-Mongolia                            -Taiwan

Ulaanbaatar                         Taipei





Saint Petersburg




-Afghanistan                        -Bangladesh                      -Bhutan                                 -India

Kabul                                   Dhaka                               Thimphu                                Mumbai

Mazar-I-Sharif                     Chittagong                                                                     Delhi

Kandahar                                                                                                                 Bangalore

Herat                                                                                                                       Hyderabad




-Iran                                   -Kazakhstan                       -Kyrgyzstan

Tehran                                Astana                                Bishkek


-Maldives                            -Nepal                               -Pakistan                             -Sri Lanka

Male                                   Kathmandu                         Islamabad                              Colombo




-Tajikistan                           -Turkmenistan                    -Uzbekistan

Dushanbe                            Ashgabat                           Tashkent



-Brunei                               -Cambodia                         -Indonesia                            -Laos

Bandar Seri Begawan            Phnom Penh                       Jakarta                                 Vientiane

                                          Siem Reap                          Bali                 


-Malaysia                            -Myanmar                          -Philippines                         -Singapore

Kuala Lumpur                       Naypyidaw                         Manila


-Thailand                             -Timor-Leste                     -Vietnam                                       

Bangkok                              Dili                                     Hanoi

                                                                                   Ho Chi Minh City



-Armenia                              -Azerbaijan                        -Bahrain                            -Cyprus

Yerevan                                Baku                                 Manama                             Nicosia


-Georgia                              -Iraq                                 -Israel                                -Jordan

T’bilisi                                  Baghdad                           Jerusalem                           Amman


-Kuwait                               -Lebanon                           -Oman                               -State of Palestine