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Mercedes Benz

Adelinde Knorr from Germany contacted us for support on the Mercedes New car launch event in Beijing for the Auto China 2018. The mission is about recruiting around 25 young people who has trendy look and have the dancing/performing/acting skills. We need to keep each of the 25 dancers for around 3 full days for rehearsal and 1 day for performance, plus the audition time it makes 5 days in total, but the client doesn’t have big budget for this. It was quite challenging task, however, Bladedge worked it out without any problem. Upon the confirmation of the project, Bladedge team started to approach many dancing schools and eventually nailed down one that is both cooperative and reasonable in terms of price. We got most of the performers from this school, as well as hiring a few from other resources. Besides this, Bladedge also secured a dancing studio for audition and rehearsal, and hired the projector and wide screen to mimic the stage setup.

Bladedge sent a producer to manage the performers so that no one is missing or late from the rehearsal and performance days.

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